Just someone who looks like me.
Yo! Cat. 29. I'm slashy, het-y, and unconventional-y. I ramble and post fan art, gifs, vids, and bits of writing. Of course, there are fair amounts of reblogs. You're bound to run into smut and kink here too. *pun not intended but immediately accepted*

My fandoms/shows are pretty much in my master tag list. There are a good few.

*** I'm currently working on my layout, so a lot of my tags (for my edits & especially loved posts) are missing from my side bar. Make sure to hit up the Master Tag List!!! ***

Captain Swan, Destiel, IchAbbie, JohnLock, Klaroline, McShep, Olicity, Pydia, Sterek, Ten/Donna, and many more. I'm a receptive multi-shipper. =^.^=

I'll take one Will Graham, a Spencer Reid, and one Peter Hale to go, please.

Other Loves: fandom, GISHWHES, sci-fi, Kpop, fashion, music, dance. Black Books. Jossverse in general, Spaced, True Blood, various anime.

P.S. - I have a thing for Sam Winchester/Will Graham. And I totally have fantasies about Derek Hale/Olicity. ASDFJK;


(This blog usually rates from G to R and is occasionally NC-17.)


FOLLOWERS!! If you need help pimping an edit/fic/etc post that *you* put together, submit a link to me or ask me. I'll probably reblog it. I know how it is in this big Tumblr city. ;)

*sigh* Please excuse any fugly while I suss out a layout that I love.
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