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A darker ‘verse where the Doctor Donna has patiently been testing the wall keeping her isolated in Donna’s mind.

Seeing Ten for a mere blip of a second at her wedding, even then only vaguely recognizing him as some acquaintance of the family, managed to rankle the Doctor Donna from behind her wall. (It didn’t make sense for him to be there, to even risk it… why would he come?) She works harder on figuring out a way to exist fully as herself again without overheating and triggering the failsafe for the dozenth time.. or causing death. 

She begins to push more violently.

"Normal," everyday, Donna begins to notice and feel every experimentation. She sometimes feels like she’s breaking, doesn’t understand, but she finds herself craving whatever is happening. She doesn’t speak about it to anyone… not even Gramps, though she’s sure he knows something and won’t tell her. That’s worrying enough on its own.

Donna’s been aware of a certain emptiness, the panging hole in her self even though she now has a husband and a job. For the longest time, she’d just assumed it was more the same of what she’s always felt to some degree.

She’s realizing, however, what is happening goes beyond that. 

Physical changes/sensations, urges that have her pushing beyond her normal curiosities, her own mind catching her by surprise and computing and coming up with things she swore she wouldn’t have before.

Donna doesn’t know if she’ll survive whatever is happening. As her mind also darkens, she wonders just if she’s better off in any of the directions available to her.

The Doctor Donna, for all of her tests and reworkings, doesn’t know if they’ll survive either.

And wow, I’ve never gone to a place like this with Donna. I’m not much of a writer anymore, but my sleep-deprived self had enough to put up this verse idea that struck me when I made these gifs.  

And it’s fucked up. I don’t do character death often and never thought I’d seriously go near it when it comes to her.

Donna might end up dead from Doctor Donna trying to merge them together again. It’s freaky to think of the Doctor Donna being locked away in there and living through the day to day, viewing through someone else’s windows, similar as they are, still brilliant but becoming more and more… desperate to be heard and to experience life the way she’s meant to. I think if she saw even a glimpse of Ten at that wedding, she’d fucking know something was up with him. Something horrible and she wouldn’t be able to help… and that would be what triggered her pushing harder to get out. Otherwise, it’d probably be quite a few years.

And the truth is, by the time she gets out, if she can manage to survive in one cohesive piece, Ten will be gone. She’ll find out how and why.

No gloss over with him still being alive, not for me this time. 

I think she’d go mad for quite a while, angry at being locked up, at losing her friend as she’d known him. at what he went through. She’d howl into the darkness, pick up and leave, and eventually search for the new regeneration of the Doctor, carrying on the tradition of helping along as she travels the universe.

But yeah, I feel like she’d become the new oncoming storm. 

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