Just someone who looks like me.
Cat. 29. Slash. Het. A lot of unconventional ships & a few conventional. Rambler and poster of fan art, gifs, vids, and bits of writing. Fair amounts of reblogs. You're bound to run into smut and kink here too. (Pun not intended but immediately accepted.)

My fandoms & edits/writing/things I love especially are pretty much in my master edit list and in the navigation sidebar.

Because I'm only just starting to write again, fics and edits are together in the same fandom tag.

***Still searching for the perfect layout. Until then, a lot of my edit tags are missing from my side bar. (What's visible up front are tags for fandoms I edit more frequently.) Make sure to hit up the Master Tag List!!! ***

**Bamon, **Captain Swan, Delena, **Destiel, IchAbbie, JohnLock, **Klaroline, **McShep, **Olicity, Outlaw Queen, **Pydia, Sterek, **Ten/Donna, **Sam Winchester/Will Graham. and many more. I'm a receptive multi-shipper. =^.^=

I'll take one Will Graham, a Spencer Reid, and one Peter Hale to go, please.

Other Loves: GISHWHES, Kpop, fashion, music, dance. Black Books. Jossverse in general, Spaced, True Blood, various anime.

P.S. - I have a thing for Sam Winchester/Will Graham. I have fantasies about Derek Hale/Olicity. ASDFJK; Oh, and post S5 AtS Connor Angel/Spencer Reid gives me a nosebleed.

(This blog usually rates from G to R and is occasionally NC-17. Not a spoiler-free zone.)
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