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I'll take one Will Graham, a Spencer Reid, and one Peter Hale to go, please.

Other Loves: GISHWHES, Kpop, fashion, music, dance. Black Books. Jossverse in general, Spaced, True Blood, various anime.

P.S. - I have a thing for Sam Winchester/Will Graham. I have fantasies about Derek Hale/Olicity. ASDFJK; Oh, and post S5 AtS Connor Angel/Spencer Reid gives me a nosebleed.

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Happy Birthday, lovely person! *hugs* Thank you for helping to bring muchly needed McShep and SGA goodness to my dash and life. They’re my forever ship, however RL if going, and you help keep them more of a daily thing. I even noticed that you’ve run into my bitty Ao3 McShep offerings put up only earlier in my day and it’s funny because your name popped into my head before I saw the users who had given kudos. Lol.  

Lots of thigh holsters, tac vests, slanted mouths and mobile hands, the boys and their toys, energy bars, hair that cannot be tamed, adorable grouching, winding up, lip biting, casual leaning, dat booty and those tense shoulders, occasional hoodie/jean wearing, so.not.Kirking BB-ing, definitely no citrus but maybe orange pullovers, drinking beer and laughing on piers, every AU you could possibly dream of, dorking out, and schmexy things.

And also, 









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  • me: this fic fucked me up so bad and i cried for hours
  • me: here read it
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my resume is slightly out of date!

With a vneck like that you could work in a certain gay bar…

and with his over dramatic neck moves and his sarcasm, a good pretty good one even




This scene still gives me such awesome feels.

I loved Oliver and Feilcity working together to take Slade down.  Epic stuff.

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Sam Ford - The Storm (Original) - Ont’ Sofa Gibson Sessions

And now it’s all Lydia raging for the first time in front of Peter at this BANSHEE SHIT that she’s tired of, her needing a break for at least a few months but NO, and hitting him in the chest. (Notes that for future fic because that is definitely a headcanon.) 

*deep breath* Okay, time to go clean up so I can actually finish Teen Wolf. I’m just going to be crying more as I finish that Stay AU tomorrow, only because of a more slow-build, trembly, type of sadness. I worked on further coloring earlier today, only two more gifs left on that one. 

This is how I start my two days off. Heh. Everything is Pydia and my aching, corroding, heart. 

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Ugh. Now I’m crying. Peter taking care of Lydia during some of nastiest days. Her holding on until they see each other, unwilling to burden him but catching his gaze and seeing how aware he is of how her day has been leads to her letting herself be tired—the brunt of it hitting her because she’s not afraid to let him see. He’s there, he’s there, and it’s okay to not be perfect and it’s okay to show how all the ugly has affected her. And it’s okay to not be okay with it.

Imagine Pydia - Sad Stockings (ㄒoㄒ)

Peter tenderly rolling them down her thighs - after she’s had a long, dreadful day and just wants to forget the images of blood and gore still imprinted on the insides of her eyelids - feeling her unsteady on her feet as she combs her fingers through his hair gratefully.

He’s soft kisses and carefully watching eyes.

She’s crying softly by the time he has her step out of them, tugging on his shoulders because she doesn’t want the sounds to come out, needs to bury them in his chest. He stands up and holds her tight until she tells him she wants the shower.

Much later, he makes sure to throw a couple of packages into the glove box of her car. Neither of them mention the tiny specks of red that were on the stockings he’d covertly thrown away. ()

Imagine Pydia - Stocking Stash

Newly wedded Lydia Hale buying more stockings once she has the pleasure of Peter Hale discovering a certain kink for removing them—often with destruction, but sometimes gently and worshipingly rolling them down and off, developing quite a skill at it too. She picks a variety and keeps a special stash, but spreads out the days that she wears them so he won’t suspect and be a cocky, overbearing, sexy, brat. ()

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#Katherine "so done with you" Pierce

Same. “You” being my workplace for the fifth night in a row. Blah. Blah. Full house, slow night, same cleaning, same co-worker. Blah. Thank goodness I’m off for two days again after this. Going crazy. 

Okay, so maybe my day was not helped by the gross nightmare I had before waking up. I wasn’t screaming, but my stomach was roiling. WTH, brain. Nightmares are not an often occurrence, mildly disturbing dreams these days—sure, but this was so detailed. Blechhhh.

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get to know me meme

favourite relationships [1/5]: klaroline

"He was your first love, I intend to be your last, however long it takes."

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First prompt from my inbox! (ノ^ ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

Dean, you poor unaware dork >w <

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