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colormeme : pastel

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My cat is always so anxious for his daily car rides !


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There is a story behind these mugs

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whenwolfsbaneblooms asked: Pydia prompt: Reincarnation.

Hmm. I continue to be strange and this is a bit random, but at least I’ve been writing today. Here is the second prompt fill. Thanks for waiting, hun. Hopefully, I’ll catch another prompt from you on a day when I’m on more of an upswing or I’ll play with this prompt again.

Prompt: Reincarnation (via whenwolfsbaneblooms )

Title: Alternate Paths

Pairing: Pydia

Characters: Peter Hale, Lydia in the BG, OC

Rating: PG

Summary: Lydia died over a year ago with Peter by her bedside. He never got over it. After a lot of raging, he began to search the world for a possible way to bring her back—but there aren’t absolutes and because Lydia was a banshee, Peter’s run into plenty of failures and challenges. Banshees… not as easy as werewolves. 

Set 4-5 years from now.

This is an offshoot of what would happen if Lydia died in the same verse of my fic Wait in the Fire. If you look in the tags over there, you’ll read some angsty as hell headcanon shiz. This gleans off of that, but lets up on the pain. 


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charloedrama asked: Bite, laughter

Yes, successfully without angst in the first prompt fill! Happy to put out some fluff, even if this is a very simple nibblet. *mrah* An Arrow shipping managed to sneak a mention in there, so this is a tiny bit crack too. I’m vaguely aware of Oliver/Felicity spoilers that have broken, but I’m trying to delay my seeing them. Obviously, this turns into Lyd shipping them. Oi. I’m a dork. Sorry about that. Don’t usually do that type of thing unless I’m going full crack.


Title: Nap Time Interrupted

Rating: G

Pairing: Pydia (Future!Pydia, Established Relationship)

Prompts: bite and laughter, given to me by the lovely charloedrama after a prompt call weeks ago. Sorry for the delay!

Genre: Domestic Fluff


Peter lay on their couch, on his back, his head resting comfortably in Lydia’s lap as he dozed and she watched the TV.

A pleased noise rumbled in his chest as her fingers absently began to stroke his side. He turned his face toward her stomach to escape some of the light from the room and screen, scooting closer. He nuzzled her midriff and settled in for a nap since she seemed complacent.

When her fingertips went from stroking to biting into his ribs as she laughed, he awoke with an undignified squeak, immediately trying to escape her touch as his legs jolted. He turned his face so he could fix her with a squinty glare. 

Lydia only laughed harder and removed her tormenting hand so that she could ruffle his hair before stroking it down to soothe him.

Mean,” he grumbled and turned his back to the evil tv, wrapping one of his arms around his sweet and equally wicked pillow.

"Shh. Oliver’s going to check Felicity’s roots in a sec."

Peter scooted his head down enough to nip at Lydia’s hipbone possessively.

"Don’t talk about another man so fondly, even if he’s fictional and in love with another fictional character."

"Actually, he hasn’t said it for real ye—"

"He loves her and this is a rerun. Now, no more attacking the sleepy werewolf.” He kissed the spot he’d grazed with his teeth, tempted to distract her, but decided to go back to his nap, knowing better than to get between Lydia and Arrow.

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WTF, Peter, BB. Helping you out, but still tired of your shit. 

I love me some dark coloring. This almost makes me think of an AU in which demons are taking Peter and Lydia for a joyride. Of course, the demons are in love. ;) Eventually, Pete and Lyd are so strong that the demons are forced to share their new homes. Trust me, I was tempted to do the demon eye makeover here. 

Ended up proofreading that Lydia and Peter horror fic again and fixed a few things. Blah. Sorry for any hiccups you initially read.


Peter’s gif froze in one of the sets (Let Him Go), so I’m reposting that in a sec.

Damn. My brain is muddled and there’s tension headache city going on right now. Attempting writing after I find food and energy drinks.

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All of my feels for Lydia after that fic I just posted. All the years of wandering and death and things like that happening to her until she does something. How long until she gets tired of relying on what she finds on the internet and scraps from Peter and the others that drift into Beacon Hills? Until she goes out into the world and ACTIVELY searches out the definition of what she is—the way she’s capable of doing. Lydia. Banshee. All that she is and all that she can be.

And she breaks my heart.

Fic: Tell Me I’m Not a Monster (R) (Lydia Martin, Peter Hale, OC character)

Title: Tell Me I’m Not a Monster

Rating: R

Characters: Lydia Martin, Peter Hale

Summary: Peter receives a text message from Lydia. She doesn’t ask for help, but simply gives him instructions. Only him.

Notes: Set 3-4 years in the future. Soft round-about horror. A bit Peter POV. Pete and Lyd aren’t friends really, but there’s a little more trust and understanding between them after dealing with each other so much.

Warning: OC death, blood at the scene, detail about the death, mental trauma over being a banshee and finding the OC still alive. I don’t want to give anything away, but reflect on the title and that it’s about Lydia.

This was meant to be a simple 500 word warm-up before I got down to my Pydia prompts, but this older bunny interestingly blew past that and insisted I go with it. Since it kept on fairly easily and was still doing its job, I let it do its thing. Plus, I wanted to set free some of those angsty and darker feels so I could do lighter things with my prompts. I still went easy on Lyd. I didn’t have the heart to trap her somewhere worse.

___ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___

2319 McKay St. Come alone. Now. Don’t tell anyone. Peter bit his lip, staring down at the message on his phone. Definitely from Lydia’s phone and brusque in the way she had a habit of being when she did communicate with him through phone—but it held a number of alarming details.

She avoided being alone with him, even after a few years of working alongside each other. If they did meet, only the two of them, she planned it in advance and told him ahead of time as well. This was abrupt.

It could be a trap set by someone else, but he set off right away, his stomach in hellish knots. Either Lydia needed him and couldn’t deal with the idea of any of the others being involved or someone was currently holding her. If it were the latter, they’d most likely been torturing her for hours. He’d subtly prodded and eavesdropped enough to gather that she hadn’t been seen for the latter half of the day.

It was still hot outside, the sun wouldn’t set for a few more hours and summer heat stubbornly refused to leave the inside of his car, even with the A/C on full blast until the time he got near.

He swallowed at the thought of her trapped somewhere tight, cramped, and sweltering.

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"It was your idea and you don’t even remember." (¬‿¬) Do you think he gives her the same look when he forgets the milk? ()