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1.07/1.22 requested by dylanisagirlsnametoo

unitedkingdom-orgy asked: "Triplets Pregnancy" (that should be a fun prompt to write omfg I can see it now) and my second one is "Moving In" YAY ME FOR TWO PROMPTS!

Ficlet: Besties (AU Pydia Vlogger!Verse) (G) (Teen Wolf) (Fluff for unitedkingdom-orgy)

Oh, Pack Mum​,​ I finally got a tickle to start writing this! I missed Pydia so much and I’m pretty sure we’re going to have plenty more random moments. Thank goodness. It’d a definite need-for-Pydia-day here today. ETA: I know, I’m still lame. No full-strength fic mojo yet.

Ficlet: Besties

Note: This ficlet sits right in this Youtuber!Lydia and Youtuber!Peter verse that evolved during some headcanon times over at pydiapack. I couldn’t stop expanding on it because it was so damn cute. What type of vloggers they are, how they met online, how Pete did not know about her being pregnant (same as her subscribers) for the longest time. Loads of details here.

Notes 2: Peter is not the daddy. Biological father is not in the picture. Let’s say Lyd is twenty-five.


(Via private Google Hangout)

"Breathe, Peter"

"You’re having what?"

"It’s not like you’re the one having them—or like you’re the dad and not just my YouTube bestie… who lives several states away."

"Don’t say ‘just.’ And don’t say ‘bestie.’ You know I don’t like that word."

"Yes." Lydia rolled her eyes. "It was in your Top Ten Most Despised Words vid." It was why she used it.

"Well," Peter took a sip of coffee from his Pete Says merch mug, "at least I can be assured you won’t name one of them something stupid like Apple or Hashtag."

Lydia, her eyes having watered up as he’d talked, softly gasped out a laugh.—“Apple’s not so bad.”—Her laughter grew from hushed to brash and she groaned, covering her face with her hands. “Triplets, Peter! What the fuck, triplets.”

Peter’s expression was a careful combination of worried and protective. “Thank you for not saying WTF—but, really, are you okay?

Lydia took her hands away from her face, pressing her lips together. She swiped fingertips underneath her eyes, checked them for mascara, and smiled brightly. “I’m fine.”

She wasn’t, of course. He wanted to tell her to stop that bad habit she’d told him about, throwing up a mask until ready to scream, but he knew better than to press right now. A year of friendship and a handful of initial pissed-off hangups from both sides had been enough of a lesson. He gave her that smile he secretly knew she found calming.

"How about you still pass those name ideas by me anyways?"

Lydia laughed again, this time without edging towards crying, her eyes grateful. “Why can’t you live closer to me?”

Peter cleared his throat and crammed down all continuously foolish, instinctive, offers - such as moving close-by - that flitted around inside him every time he saw Lydia since her announcement. His favorite being moving in—period.

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Happy 28th Birthday Holland Roden.


No matter what i say, you’re coming back aren’t you?
i made a promise

This year I decided to really get into the spirit of Halloween.

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On the subject of Bamon…

BRB, gotta go vomit up some rainbows☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

PS - Making my first set now. Had to calm down and fight the urge to make alllll the things at once. First set should come out before midnight here midnight-ish. Seems it takes time smart sharpening 800 frames by frame. :p

So, I’m being a chicken and haven’t watched Arrow yet. In the meantime, I’ve spent the day working on a big set for Leo Fitz.

It’s Fitz/Fitzsimmons/Fitzhunter/team—the scene with the subject of his stumbling/stammering and his breakthrough with communication. That very much got me because I connect with those frustrations/humiliations and that urge to isolate ones self and shut up because it’s easier than struggling with all of that. (I tend to stumble and stutter and that’s come on only in the past few years, though it’s eased up.) And comparing who he is now to what he was before… 

Anyways, I was so proud. I like how they’re handling his POV and the honesty of it.

So, yeah, I guess we just had some share time. *eyeroll* I’ll also probably make some Melinda May & Philinda stuff.

I’ll probably get that set out after I post new TVD stuff tonight. Oh, yes, Bamon goodies are coming!

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